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Central Veterans Affairs, the first public hospital to introduce 'VR CPR training'

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

[DailyMedi Reporter Lee Seul-bi] Korea Veterans Welfare and Medical Service Corporation Central Veterans Hospital (Hospital Director Yoo Geun-young) announced on the 8th that it introduced a non-face-to-face CPR training program using virtual reality (VR) for the first time as a domestic public medical institution.

Learners wear headsets and are trained one-on-one with an AI instructor on ▲consciousness check ▲chest compression position ▲chest compression depth and speed ▲airway securing ▲artificial respiration.

If the learner does not focus on the practice or does not follow the guidelines, the AI instructor immediately delivers feedback by receiving signals from a special mannequin equipped with five types of precision sensors. The chest compression depth and speed are displayed in real time so that CPR training can be performed accurately.

“I felt the need for VR training in a situation where face-to-face training was limited due to Corona 19,” said hospital director Geun-Young Yoo.

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