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5G Powered XR-based Medical Education Solutions


Tetra Signum is a group of top-notch medical professionals and skilled IT technicians
who are innovating healthcare education based on the latest digital technology.


We offer solutions that have been designed to solve problems in the current medical education market tthrough innovation. Our services aim to improve best practice methods as it relates to  prevention, diagnosis and treatment in healthcare by providing the right digital technology-based solutions.

Team & Advisory

TETRA SIGNUM is  comprised  of a group of leading healthcare professionals and IT experts who aim to innovate healthcare education, diagnosis and treatment in order to solve inefficiencies in traditional medical practices.

Our Partners

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Contact Details

5, Nonhyeon-ro 114-gil,Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

(+82) 2-573-8841

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Instagram @tetra_cpr

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