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Korea Railroad's Pukyong Headquarters Implement Digital-Based VR CPR Training

| Strengthen employees' ability to respond to emergencies

(Busan = International News) Reporter Kim Ok-bin = The Busan Gyeongnam Provincial Police Headquarters of the Korea Railroad will provide CPR training using VR to improve employees' ability to cope with emergencies from May.

Every year, 119 patients are transported due to emergencies at stations and trains annually, and it takes 119 paramedics to arrive at the scene, so the staff's ability to respond in the event of an emergency is important.

Previously, CPR training was conducted using mannequins in cooperation with related organizations, but VR education devices were introduced for more effective education.

The newly introduced VR cardiopulmonary resuscitation training does not require a separate instructor, and it is expected that the training effect will be great as it provides virtual reality similar to actual cardiac arrest emergencies through AI instructor guidance and can receive immediate feedback by linking with mannequins with precision sensors.

Kim Ga-eun, head of the Busan Gyeongnam headquarters of the Korea Railroad, said, "We will try to protect the precious lives of customers in case of emergency in stations and trains through continuous education and training, not one-time education."

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