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Central Veterans Hospital introduces VR CPR training program

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

[Medical Newspaper Daily News = Reporter Lee Seung-deok]

Korea Veterans Welfare and Medical Service Corporation Central Veterans Hospital (Hospital Director Geun-Young Yoo) announced on the 8th that it introduced a CPR training program using virtual reality (VR) technology for the first time as a domestic public medical institution.

Learners wear headsets to access virtual reality images and receive customized CPR training, such as △consciousness check △chest compression location △chest compression depth and speed △securing an airway △artificial respiration, in a 1:1 manner with an AI instructor.

If the learner does not focus on the practice or does not follow the guidelines, the AI instructor immediately delivers feedback by receiving signals from a special mannequin equipped with five types of precision sensors. The chest compression depth and speed are displayed in real time, allowing accurate and precise CPR training.

Geun-Young Yoo, the head of the hospital, said, “I realized the need for virtual reality (VR) training in a situation where face-to-face training was limited due to COVID-19.” We will strengthen our ability to deal with the situation.”

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